Active Web Pages

Do you have a beautiful web site but want it to do more than be beautiful?

Making a website interactive can improve your customer's experience and let you know how well your website is working.

“I have spent thousands on my web site but I can't see what it is achieving.”

Track the usage of your website

We can add scripts to your site that will track when a page is viewed and from where. Agregating data you can see what pages are viewed and where the user goes from there.

Web Forms

Would you like the visitors to your site to be able to fill in a form which will give you feedback?

Users often look at a site after hours and would like to get in contact with you. They can leave contact info and a brief description of what they are interested in and you can then contact them during business hours.

Site Updates

Stale web content is annoying and a site with stale content does not say anything good about your organisation.

We can handle keeping your content up to date. We can post current information to your site and do routine maintenance giving you the freedom to do other productive things.

Search Engine Optimisation and Analytics

When someone searches for something relevant, do they find your site near the top of the search results? Search engine optimisation helps get your site near the top of the searches in Google etc. We do optimisation and help improve our site reach its intended market.

Google Analytics help you see how your site is doing, see where your visits are coming from and help you make changes to improve its perforamnce.