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Welcome to Jalepino!

Jalepino develop and support web-based software solutions, web forms and database applications. We provide Web Master services such as Search Engine Optimisation and Web Site reporting. We set up Word Press sites for those who want to manage their own updates or want a Blog.

Web Based Software Applications

Web-based applications work on the internet or an intranet, the software application runs on a server and the users or clients use the intranet or internet to access the server with a web browser, in the same way you are viewing this page.

You can think of a web based applications as custom software that is displayed through a web page.

Web Forms

Web Forms are the forms you fill in on some web pages. To get these to be useful you need software to do something with the information. You might want to store the information (saving a customers telephone number and address) or you might want to serve a web page based on what the user enters into the form (all houses for sale in a certain area).

Most inter-active web sites use forms to get input from the user.

Database Applications

Databases are a method of storing data in a way that makes the data very "usable". A database application is the software that retrieves, changes, updates, deletes and adds information to the database.

Most business software systems are database applications, such as inventory control, cusomer relationship management...

Web Master Services

A good website must have fresh and up to date content. We can update your web site on a regular basis so that visitors get the latest information.

Search Engine Optimisation

You want the right visitors to find your site easily. Search engines are there for people to find your site but how high up the search engine results does your site appear. Performing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your site gets the search engines to know what is on your site so that when someone searches for something relevant your site it will appear near the top of the search results.

SEO is an ongoing process and takes time to achieve good consistant results.

Web Site Reporting

We can give you meaningful reports on the performance of your web site. The number of genuine visitors, where they come from, how long they stay on the site and what pages are viewed.

We do this using two methods, Google Analytics and adding our own logging system to the site. From these results you can develop strategies to improve your site's efficacy.

Word Press

Word Press is a web site system that allows the owner to update and change the content on their site with little experience. The initial set up can be difficult, we can do that for you and we can perform regular maintenace and fix it if you break it.

For more information go to the Word Press website.